Laundry Detergent Sheets vs. Liquid Detergent: Which Works Best?

Laundry Detergent Sheets vs. Liquid Detergent: Which Works Best?

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Laundry Detergent Sheets vs. Liquid Detergent: Which Works Best?

This ultimate dive into traditional liquid detergent and the latest laundry detergent sheets may just convince you to make a switch.

Written by: Isabella Gallart
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Detergent sheets are some of the latest products making waves in the laundry industry today, but how well do they stack up against tried-and-true liquid detergents? In this breakdown, we'll compare the two types of products in every way that matters so you can see for yourself which is right for your laundry needs.

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Detergent Sheets vs. Liquid Detergent: How They Compare

Across all of the products we’ve tried, here’s how sheets and liquids generally compare, though there may be some exceptions out there depending on a specific brand or product.

Laundry Detergent Sheets

Traditional Liquid

Cleans, Deodorizes, and Removes Tough Stains



Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based Formula


*Only some brands

Recyclable Packaging


Mess-Free & Easy to Measure


Travel Friendly


Easy Storage


Gentle and Hypoallergenic


*Only some brands




*True for select brands or products.

Key Takeaways

For decades, liquid detergent has dominated the laundry industry with its unmistakable, brightly-colored plastic jugs and neon-blue goo. From time to time, products like laundry detergent pods have tried to dethrone liquid laundry detergent with little success. Today, however, laundry detergent sheets have begun to win over more and more fans for their convenience, eco-friendliness, and affordability.

That said, it isn't easy to sway people who have been using the same product for years on end, so we did our homework to give you all the information you need to settle the debate of sheets vs. liquid—for good.

Laundry Detergent Sheets vs. Liquid Detergent: Main Differences

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We've taken the time to research the seven features and considerations that our customers care about most when it comes to their laundry detergents. Below, we'll compare liquid detergent to detergent sheets in each of those seven categories.

1. Cleaning Performance

In our experience, our customers' primary concern is whether or not eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets can get the job done as well as traditional laundry detergents. Sometimes, these doubts are driven by previous experiences with other laundry detergent sheets that failed to perform—and we get that.

The good news, however, is that modern laundry detergent strips like HeySunday offer just as much cleaning power as even the strongest liquid detergents. To accomplish this, we use seven powerful, plant-based surfactants to lift dirt, eliminate stains, and leave your fabrics looking and feeling as clean as possible.

While it may seem hard to believe, you don't need to expose your clothes or your family to harsh chemicals in order to feel truly clean. If you still have questions, check out HeySunday's ingredient list and see for yourself.

2. Environmental Impact

Overall, the difference in environmental impact between detergent sheets and liquid laundry detergents is far and away the most obvious. For years, experts have identified the environmental hazards of traditional liquid detergent, including excessive plastic waste in landfills and the use of carcinogens and other harsh chemicals used in their formulation. Unfortunately, these risks aren't unique to liquid laundry detergent, either: many powder detergents use similar formulas or packaging.

Luckily, environmental sustainability is one of the areas where detergent sheets shine. Rather than shipping products in bulky, problematic plastic containers, many detergent sheet brands opt for minimal, biodegradable packaging. At HeySunday, for instance, we eliminate plastic altogether by shipping your detergent sheets in the same cardboard envelope you'll use for storage.

And, because they pack concentrated laundry detergent into the smallest possible format without all the water of liquid products, laundry sheets also reduce carbon emissions by limiting pollution caused during shipping and delivery.

3. Storage and Portability

If you've ever hauled in a large jug of liquid detergent with the groceries, you probably know that it isn't the most enjoyable experience. Even worse, maneuvering a full jug can often be awkward, resulting in spills or overpouring that can make laundry more of a hassle than it needs to be. And when it comes to bringing detergent along with you during vacation? It's just not possible.

With either a laundry detergent sheet or a powder laundry detergent, however, many of these problems can be a thing of the past. With detergent sheets specifically, you typically get a small, lightweight package that you can tuck safely away in even the tiniest laundry room. When you travel, simply toss a few sheets in with your luggage to take with you—and keep your clothes smelling fresh as an added bonus.

4. Fabric Safety

In addition to the risk they pose to your skin, the harsh chemicals found in many traditional liquid detergents may also degrade or deteriorate certain fabrics. This can sometimes result in faded colors, frayed stitching, or other unpleasant side effects that shorten the lifespan of your clothes. Often, this issue is made worse when people use too much laundry detergent due to measuring wrong or overpouring.

Fortunately, these are both issues solved by using a high-quality laundry detergent sheet. When developing HeySunday's formula, we took the time to find plant-based ingredients to protect your fabrics from laundry-related wear and tear. After all, a detergent should destroy tough stains, not your favorite shirt.

Secondly, each of our strips represents a pre-measured amount perfect for one laundry load. If you have a larger or smaller load, simply cut a sheet in half or double it up—no finicky measuring required.

5. Water and Washing Machine Compatibility

Although customers report that some other brands of laundry detergent sheets struggle to fully dissolve in certain types of laundry machines, HeySunday laundry detergent sheets work regardless of the type of machine you have. Whether hot water, cold water, front-loading, high-efficiency, or even hand washing, our laundry strips dissolve fully, clean powerfully, and leave no residue on your fabrics.

Typically, this versatility can also be found with liquid detergents. That said, high-efficiency machines often come with the suggestion that customers use high-efficiency specific liquid detergents or risk a less-than-ideal laundry experience.

6. Cost

Depending on which studies you trust, the price per load when using liquid detergents typically hovers around 28-30 cents. Important to remember, however, is that this math only holds true when using exactly the recommended amount of liquid detergent every time. When you factor in overpours or spills, you quickly begin to lose value over the lifetime of a jug of laundry detergent.

As we mentioned earlier, laundry detergent sheets avoid this problem entirely by providing pre-measured amounts of detergent. Even better, detergent sheets generally cost between 23-30 cents per load. HeySunday, for example, offers 60 sheets for $14 with a recurring subscription, which comes out at only $0.23 per load. Some of our competitors, such as Sheets Laundry Club, offer 50 sheets for $14.99 with a subscription, or $0.30 per load.

When determining a laundry detergent sheet's value, always remember to factor in things such as subscription discount (if any), cost of shipping (free with HeySunday), and minimum order requirements.

Why Should You Choose HeySunday Detergent Sheets?

Whether in terms of environmental sustainability, cost, or even performance, we firmly believe that our detergent sheets meet or exceed the standards of any product on the market—liquid, powder, or otherwise. With a formula designed to be tough on stains but gentle on your clothes and always competitive pricing, it's our goal to bring a little bit of simplicity and joy back to laundry.

But at the end of the day, we realize that even the best sales pitch only goes so far, and the truth always comes out in the wash. That's why we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason.

So, with zero risk and all of these possible rewards, why not take HeySunday for a spin and see for yourself how we stack up?

Written by Isabella Gallart — Updated on Feb. 07, 2024

Isabella Gallart is the founder and CEO of HeySunday. HeySunday was founded on the belief that even the most mundane tasks, like laundry, can be infused with joy and ease. Through HeySunday, she hopes to reimagine daily routines by providing eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets and creating delightful customer experiences, reflecting her commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship

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