HeySunday vs. Earth Breeze: Which Laundry Detergent Sheets Come Out on Top?

HeySunday vs. Earth Breeze: Which Laundry Detergent Sheets Come Out on Top?

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HeySunday vs. Earth Breeze: Which Laundry Detergent Sheets Come Out on Top?

Considering making the switch to eco-friendly detergent sheets? Discover why HeySunday stands out with its potent clean.

Written by: Isabella Gallart
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Considering making the switch to eco-friendly detergent sheets? Discover why HeySunday stands out with its potent clean.


  • Best Green Clean: HeySunday
  • Best Community Outreach: Earth Breeze

Few simple pleasures match how it feels to pull a clean, still-warm load of laundry from the dryer. And, in an often hectic and chaotic life, having a moment to refresh your home, your clothes, and yourself can be precious. This is why, silly as it may sound, the importance of having a detergent you can trust goes beyond simple laundry.

Still, with the growing concern around the dangers of microplastics and the effects of chemicals on our world, it can be difficult to know which brands are best. Even worse, finding a detergent that’s safe and effective sometimes feels impossible.

In this article, we’ll compare our product to Earth Breeze, one of the detergent industry’s top eco-friendly detergent sheet brands. From cost and cleaning power to environmental impact, we’ll break down why we recommend HeySunday overall and give you the information you need to make the smart choice for you, your home, and the environment.

What Is HeySunday?

HeySunday is a detergent sheet company founded to help tackle the growing issue with traditional laundry detergent. While other eco-friendly brands existed, few offered products that actually worked, and even fewer offered such a product at a competitive price point. At HeySunday, however, we believe we’ve cracked the code.

By combining science-backed research with our dedication to eco-friendly ingredients, our formula was designed to provide a safe, effective, and affordable product to fit all of your laundry needs.

What Is Earth Breeze?

Initially founded to fight back against the pervasive use of single-use plastic packaging, Earth Breeze has since grown into a company that helps address waste in many areas of the home cleaning industry. In addition to minimalist, biodegradable packaging and natural ingredients, Earth Breeze also works extensively with nonprofits and other charitable organizations to effect real change.

In addition to their admirable dedication to using mostly natural ingredients, Earth Breeze also strives to provide a high-powered cleaning formula, which is showcased by their many satisfied customers and decent reviews.

HeySunday vs. Earth Breeze: Benefits

HeySunday and Earth Breeze both provide quality, conscientious products with many similar features, like being vegan and cruelty-free. But they also come with their own set of unique benefits. Below, we’ll outline the advantages of choosing to purchase from each.

HeySunday Benefits

HeySunday prides itself on maintaining the balance between price, cleaning power, and eco-friendly ingredients in order to offer customers the best experience possible. Because of this balance, we offer a range of diverse benefits, including:

Powerful Deep-Cleaning Formula

HeySunday’s laundry detergent sheets combine the benefits of seven different surfactants—more than almost every other brand on the market. These compounds break the surface tension of objects, allowing our formula to lift dirt and stains as efficiently as possible.

Safe Ingredients

While we believe this should be a mandatory feature of every detergent on the market, HeySunday holds itself to the promise that our products will never include harsh chemicals that pose a danger to your health, such as 1,4 dioxane (a known carcinogen), phthalates, phosphates, or bleaches. Additionally, HeySunday undergoes extensive third-party testing to ensure that every package of our sheets lives up to our strict standards.

While Earth Breeze may have fewer harsh ingredients than some other brands, it does not claim to be third-party tested, nor does it specifically advertise as being free of 1,4 dioxane.

Minimalist Packaging

When it comes to protecting the environment, one of the most impactful things a company can do is change how they package their products. Not only does HeySunday use recyclable, compostable packaging, but we also made a choice to remove internal packaging altogether. While this vastly reduces the amount of waste produced by our detergent sheets, it also means that you can save space in your laundry room with our streamlined storage container.

Maximum Value for Your Money

Because of our simplified packaging and streamlined detergent sheet formula, we’re able to pass along savings directly to our customers. When you buy from HeySunday, you can expect to pay only $20 for 60 loads of laundry—a rate that matches or beats most detergent sheets on the market. When you add in our subscription discount of 30%, you’ll pay $14 for the same number of loads, or only $0.23 per load.

Earth Breeze Benefits

As mentioned earlier, Earth Breeze is an exceptionally admirable company with numerous benefits and strengths. Their dedication to sustainability and community outreach make them one of the most compassionate companies in the industry, and their products offer benefits such as:


Previously, Earth Breeze was the least expensive detergent sheet brand on the market. With a recent increase in prices, however, the cost for one order of Earth Breeze (with subscription) is now $14.95, placing them in the middle of the pack in terms of laundry detergent sheet prices.

For those doing the math, this puts Earth Breeze at $0.25 per load which, while still reasonable, is a 25% price hike compared to their previous cost of $0.20 per load. While we checked Earth Breeze’s site to see whether this increase came from a new formula or something similar, it seems as though the product is identical to the previous, more affordable version.

Great Customer Reviews

Based on their company story, it’s clear that Earth Breeze is on a mission. And judging by the types of reviews found on their site, it’s also clear that this mission resonates with many of their customers. Even without looking into the specifics of their product, any company with an outpouring of approval must be getting something right.

Philanthropic Activities

Earth Breeze dedicates itself not only to providing a clean, earth-friendly detergent but also to giving back to other organizations and charities. If becoming part of a green, sustainability-minded community is your main priority, Earth Breeze is an excellent company to support.

Biodegradable Packaging

Just like HeySunday works to minimize its packaging and carbon footprint, Earth Breeze also ships its products in minimalist, biodegradable packaging. That way, their detergent saves space both in landfills and on your laundry supply shelf.

HeySunday vs. Earth Breeze Cleaning

Before anything else, any detergent worth your money needs to get your laundry clean. The problem with many all-natural detergents, however, is that they simply underperform when compared to traditional alternatives. Here, we’ll see how HeySunday and Earth Breeze stack up in terms of cleaning power.

HeySunday’s Clean

HeySunday understands the powerful peace of mind that comes with having a reliably clean home. That’s why we formulated our detergent sheets with seven separate surfactants, each drawn from non-toxic sources. While other detergents on the market may use two or three of these compounds, we didn’t want to leave any room for doubt when it came to getting your clothes and other fabrics as clean as possible.

To that end, these seven grime-fighting compounds work together to lift away dirt, break up stubborn stains, and eliminate any lingering smells. Even with all of this cleaning power, however, we also recognize the need for a delicate touch. Because of this understanding, we painstakingly balanced our plant-based formula to remove any potential irritants or allergens like those found in harsher, synthetic detergents.

At the end of the day, cleaning products need to work. So, even while we remain dedicated to our environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free, and low-waste business model, HeySunday always remembers to keep cleaning as a top priority while still being gentle on your skin. 

Earth Breeze’s Clean

First and foremost, the people at Earth Breeze are dedicated to building a better, more conscientious world. Between their low-waste packaging, cruelty-free ingredients, and community outreach, they continually set an impressive example for the rest of the detergent industry. Additionally, their allergen- and irritant-free formulas take special care to protect you and your family from any adverse reactions.

Even though Earth Breeze’s services reliably receive glowing customer reviews for their eco-friendly ingredients and climate-minded mission, reviews concerning the cleaning power of their products are more mixed. Specifically, more dedicated reviewers found that while Earth Breeze worked well on common dirt, it struggled to remove tannin-based stains, such as those from coffee. 

While some customers remedied this weakness through the use of spot treatments or secondary sprays, customers trying to reduce the number of cleaning products in their laundry room might find this need counterproductive.

HeySunday vs. Earth Breeze Cost

Because both companies limit their packaging and streamline their production processes, they are able to sell their products at competitive prices. For your budgeting knowledge, we’ll quickly cover each product’s price, discounts, and guarantees.


Between our bare-bones packaging and a detergent formula that includes only what you need and nothing more, HeySunday’s products are priced aggressively to compete with any other detergent on the market. At $20 for 60 loads with a one-time purchase, customers with relatively lighter laundry requirements can handle laundry for months with a single purchase. 

For those with heavier demands, our subscription-based order costs $14 monthly for the same high-value product, which works out to only $0.23 per load. No matter which plan you decide is right for you, HeySunday offers free shipping on all orders, solution-oriented customer service to help with any issues that may arise, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Earth Breeze

Although once regarded as the most affordable detergent sheets on the market, Earth Breeze’s recent 25% price hike means they no longer hold that position. While still reasonably priced at $14.95 per order, this means they’re slightly more expensive than HeySunday’s $14 per order ($0.25 vs. $0.23 per load, respectively). This increase in price is not seemingly related to a new formula or added features.

Still, Earth Breeze’s free shipping, substantial subscription discount, and the ability to receive bulk orders makes them a good choice for customers looking to save money. A 1-year supply of Earth Breeze, for instance, gains access to a 49.5% discount, or $119 for a year’s supply.

Why You Should Trust HeySunday

Transitioning from traditional liquid detergent to laundry detergent sheets is a small change with a big impact. At its core, HeySunday is a company formed to address a glaring flaw in the eco-friendly detergent sheet industry: cleaning power. To that end, we’ve adjusted key areas of our detergent’s production and design to supply a climate-friendly product that doesn’t sacrifice the cleaning power you deserve.

With our minimalist packaging, surfactant-loaded cleaning formula, and flexible subscription options, we make it easy to do laundry better. Because at the end of the day, a clean world starts with a clean home.

Written by Isabella Gallart — Updated on Feb. 07, 2024

Isabella Gallart is the founder and CEO of HeySunday. HeySunday was founded on the belief that even the most mundane tasks, like laundry, can be infused with joy and ease. Through HeySunday, she hopes to reimagine daily routines by providing eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets and creating delightful customer experiences, reflecting her commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship

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