How to Use Laundry Detergent Sheets

How to Use Laundry Detergent Sheets

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How to Use Laundry Detergent Sheets

Here is a simple guide to using laundry detergent sheets that will ensure a perfect load every time.

Written by: Isabella Gallart
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Interest in laundry detergent sheets has grown 84% in the last year, and it's not hard to imagine why. Laundry sheets are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional laundry detergents that are not only plastic-free but also mess-free and easy to use.

That said, many people still have difficulty picturing how these thin strips of concentrated laundry detergent could completely dissolve in water and thoroughly clean laundry without leaving behind stains or soap residue.

As a company that has tested many laundry detergent sheets to formulate what we believe is the most effective option out here, we're here to share exactly how to use these sheets like a pro and unlock a stress-free Sunday.

How to Use Laundry Detergent Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a simple guide to using laundry detergent sheets that will ensure a perfect load of clean laundry every time.

Step 1: Select the Right Number of Sheets

The number of sheets you will want to use varies by the size and soil level of your load. An average, medium-sized load, about half a drum full, will come out bright and fresh with just one strip of HeySunday laundry detergent.

For larger loads (about 3/4 a drum full), we suggest two sheets and up to three for extra large or heavily soiled loads. Feel free to rip one strip in half if you have a small or light load.

Remember that these numbers will vary by brand, so check the instructions and recommended amount if you try another brand.

Step 2: Choose Your Settings

HeySunday sheets are versatile and will completely dissolve in cold water as well as hot water. As our detergent strips work with all machine types, all you have to do is match the machine settings with your laundry's fabric and color requirements.

Step 3: Start the Wash Cycle and Enjoy Fresh, Clean Laundry!

Start your wash cycle, and you're done! When the cycle ends, enjoy clean, fresh laundry and dry as normal. Notice the absence of any chemical residue or overpowering scent as you appreciate the eco-friendly and efficient cleaning power of HeySunday sheets.

Other Ways to Use Laundry Sheets

HeySunday laundry detergent sheets work in many ways that aren’t as ideal with liquid or laundry detergent pods. Here are some of the unique ways that you can use laundry detergent strips:

Handwashing or pre-soaking

For handwashing: If you prefer to handwash some items, you can use your laundry detergent sheets similarly—just follow these steps:

  1. Start by spot-treating stains with natural stain removers (dish soap works well for oil!) or an extra concentrated dose of HeySunday laundry sheets.
  2. Next, fill a basin with warm or cold water (depending on fabric needs).
  3. Drop in your laundry detergent sheet and wait for it to dissolve.
  4. Submerge your garments and gently handwash them.
  5. Leave your garments to soak for 30 minutes or as the fabric requires.
  6. Drain water and thoroughly rinse with clean water.
  7. Remove water by rolling in a towel and then dry on a flat tower or hand dry, depending on the fabric.

To pre-soak:

  1. If you have a top-loader, you can start your washing machine and let the chamber fill with water; then, drop in your laundry sheet and let it dissolve. Alternatively, you can pre-soak items in a bucket of water.
  2. Once the sheet has dissolved, add in your clothes and allow them to soak as desired by the fabric and degree of the stains.
  3. For gentler fabrics, soak for 30 minutes to an hour or up to several hours for sturdy fabrics like denim or canvas.
  4. Be careful not to soak fragile fabrics like wool or cotton for too long.

Keeping your clothes fresh during travel

Most laundry detergent sheets are optimal for travel. For long trips, the slim, lightweight packaging easily fits in luggage, or for short trips, simply throw a bundle of pre-measured sheets into your suitcase and enjoy the added benefit of fresh-smelling clothes.

Scenting garments in storage to stay fresh

Laundry detergent sheets can keep your clothes smelling fresh at home and on the go. Like dryer sheets, storing your laundry sheets in cupboards or drawers will maintain a lasting fresh scent.

Cleaning your clothes while camping

The plant-based formula and easy portability of laundry detergent sheets are life-changing for camping trips. Pack a basin and wash your clothes as you would when handwashing. HeySunday laundry strips are biodegradable, plant-based, and contain no harmful additives, so you don't have to worry about pouring your soapy water into the dirt.

Tips for Best Results

Here are some practical tips to maximize the cleaning power of laundry detergent sheets and avoid common mistakes.

  • Store your laundry sheets in a cool, dry place.
  • For optimal performance, make sure your sheets have not expired.
  • To ensure a powerful clean, avoid overcrowding your washing machine.
  • Place laundry strips on the drum floor or in detergent dispensers for best dissolubility.
  • For stubborn stains, use extra sheets and consider pre-soaking.
  • If you think your luggage will be in warm, moist areas during travel, store your laundry sheets in a small bag or container.

Why Use Laundry Detergent Sheets?

As we mentioned earlier, laundry detergent sheets are trending worldwide as an eco-friendly and effortless alternative to traditional laundry detergents that are bulky and wasteful. Here are some of the top benefits of detergent sheets.

Pre-measured for precise usage

Each strip of laundry detergent is pre-measured, ensuring an easy and mess-free laundry experience.

Dissolvable in water

By dissolving quickly in water, the best laundry detergent sheets can deliver a top-notch clean, eliminate sticky soap residue, and reduce unnecessary plastic and water waste.

Compact and travel-friendly

Due to the slim size of laundry sheets, they are travel-friendly, laundry-mat-friendly, easy to lift, and take up virtually no space in your laundry room.

Reduced waste and plastic usage

As the effects of global warming and chemical pollution become increasingly glaring, more and more people are looking to the laundry industry as a significant waste contributor. Laundry detergent sheets were initially invented to solve this problem and keep the earth as clean as our clothes.

Eco-friendly formula and safer ingredients

HeySunday laundry detergent sheets are made from plant-based, biodegradable ingredients formulated for sensitive skin, ensuring no harsh chemicals touch your skin or our water supply.

Why HeySunday Stands Out

From our quality to our sustainable mission, let's dive deeper into what makes HeySunday a preferred choice for many consumers.

  • Premium quality ingredients ensure effective cleaning. For example, our seven-surfactant formula packs a powerful clean without harmful additives.

  • Sustainable packaging reduces our environmental impact. By eliminating internal packaging, we've gone further to minimize our carbon footprint.

  • Exclusive online deals and promotions. On top of our already competitive price, we offer discounts to subscribers, flexible subscription options, and free shipping and returns to make clean, quality detergent as accessible as possible.

  • Stellar customer reviews and feedback. Our firm commitment to quality and support has earned us warm reviews from happy customers.
  • Final Thoughts

    Although laundry detergent sheets were invented as an eco-friendly solution to traditional detergent, their revolutionary ease of use has allowed laundry detergent sheets like ours to thrive.

    Not only are laundry sheets just as effective as traditional detergents, but they also make doing your laundry as simple as pulling out a pre-measured strip, placing it in your laundry machine, throwing your clothes in, and pressing start.

    With HeySunday laundry sheets, there is no mess, no bulk, and no stress—just a happy Sunday where you can quickly and easily get back to the essentials.

    Written by Isabella Gallart — Updated on Feb. 07, 2024

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