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Tough on stains, gentle on skin laundry detergent sheets

Incredible cleaning power with none of the mess and bulk of traditional liquid detergent (60 sheets per package).

Extra strength.
Gentle on skin.
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Why laundry detergent sheets?

HeySunday™ laundry detergent sheets, combine the cleaning strength you need with the eco-conscious philosophy you value. Our sheets are uncompromisingly tough on stains, yet gentle on the environment. 

Pre-measured & Pre-Cut

All Temperatures

Safe for HE machines

Gentle on skin


Tough on stains

Free of Harsh Chemicals

Grey Water & Septic Safe

Easy to use.

Our laundry detergent sheets instantly dissolve in hot or cold water, making them safe for both darks and whites.

Simply place them directly into your machine and you're ready to go!

Tough on stains.

Designed to combat tough stains with none of the toxic chemicals found in traditional detergents.

Our laundry sheets will leave your clothing feeling clean and fresh every time.

Mess free.

Pouring detergent can be messy. Our pre-measured laundry detergent sheets eliminate spillage and take the guesswork out of how much detergent to use per load.

No more bulky jugs.

Our laundry sheets are designed to be ultra-lightweight and space-efficient, freeing up valuable storage in your laundry room without compromising on cleaning power or convenience.

How much to use:

1 sheet for medium loads, about half a drum full.

2 sheets for large loads, about 3/4 a drum full.

3 sheets for heavily soiled or extra large loads.

A simple switch.

A big impact.

Your impact with HeySunday™:

Reduce laundry waste.

Eliminate plastic waste.

Protect our planet.

Our Reviews

Benefits of using laundry detergent sheets

Modern laundry detergent sheets offer countless benefits compared to more traditional methods of washing your clothes. Below, we'll outline some of the most valuable and how they may improve your laundry routine.


In addition to their eco-friendly ingredient lists, laundry sheets remove the need for traditional, bulky packaging like plastic jugs or cartons. Instead, we use compostable, plastic-free packaging, and the laundry sheets themselves are made with OECD 301b-certified biodegradable ingredients.


Due to the nature of their design, laundry detergent sheets prevent the spills or leaks that are all too common with liquid detergent. Instead, you can simply pull one laundry sheet from their neat, compact packaging to use with each load, then tuck your detergent sheets back away until the next time they're needed.

Effective cleaning

Cleaning power reigns supreme when it comes to detergents, both with laundry sheets and liquid laundry detergents. Our formula uses seven powerful plant-based surfactants and other natural cleaning agents to destroy tough stains and clean your laundry as well as any detergent on the market.

Safe for all machines

HeySunday™ laundry detergent strips work in all machine types, including top loaders, front loaders, HE models, and even for items that require a hand wash. And, unlike other laundry sheets, our products won't leave any residue or films inside your washing machines after use.

Reduces waste

Some experts estimate that less than 30% of all plastic containers—like those used to store traditional detergents—are ever recycled. The recyclable packaging used for laundry sheets, however, easily breaks down either after pickup or in your at-home compost heap.


Because HeySunday™ packs a hefty dose of concentrated laundry detergent into each sheet, we're able to fit up to 60 loads worth of product into one tiny, compact envelope. This means that you don't have to worry about a bulky plastic detergent dispenser taking up space in your laundry room.


Just like HeySunday™ detergent sheets fit neatly onto your laundry room shelves, they also make a perfect addition to your luggage. Instead of running out to snag a sample-size bottle of liquid or powder detergents that might spill while traveling, simply toss a few of our sheets into your bag, and you're good to go.

As a bonus, HeySunday™ sheets can help prevent the lingering funk of travel from sinking into your clothes.

Easy to Use

By using pre-measured sheets, you remove the need for measuring or estimating as you do with liquid detergents. Instead, just use one HeySunday™ detergent sheet for regular loads, two for heavy loads, and three for super-heavy loads with more substantial dirt or staining.

For those without in-unit laundry, you can even toss our sheets directly into your laundry bag instead of having to carry heavy jugs with you to the laundry room or laundromat.

Works in hot or cold water

Due to the materials they use, some detergent sheets struggle to fully dissolve in either hot or cold water. HeySunday™ addressed this problem by ensuring that each of our laundry sheets is made from materials that dissolve rapidly without leaving behind any residue or powders.

Reduced chemical exposure

Far too often, traditional laundry companies include unsafe chemicals in their packaging or detergents. HeySunday™, however, undergoes third-party testing to ensure it avoids carcinogens such as 1-4 dioxane, phthalates, bleaches, dyes, and other harsh chemicals to limit exposure to you and your family.

How to use laundry detergent sheets

Every order of HeySunday™ comes with 60 laundry detergent sheets, each of which will clean a medium-sized load of laundry. For larger or heavier loads, we suggest following these basic guidelines:

1 Sheet

Suitable for medium loads of a half-drum or about six pounds of laundry.

2 Sheets

Suitable for large loads with a three-quarter drum or about eleven pounds of laundry.

3 Sheets

Suitable for heavy-duty loads of a full drum or about twenty pounds of laundry.

Laundry Detergent Sheets vs. Traditional Laundry Detergents

While it's useful to debate the differences between the best laundry detergent sheets like HeySunday™, Earth Breeze, or Sheets Laundry Club, it's safe to assume that any high-quality detergent sheet will offer considerable benefits compared to traditional liquid detergents.

In our experience, the most impactful benefits boil down to three distinct areas:


Between their simplicity of use, compact storage, and the ability to easily bring them along while traveling, detergent sheets outperform liquid detergent in almost every convenience metric.

Additionally, subscribing to HeySunday™ means you can have detergent sheets regularly delivered to your doorstep, so you'll never have to lug heavy containers around the supermarket or rush to the store when you realize you've run out of detergent.

Environmental impact

Across the board, laundry detergent sheets boast a dramatically smaller eco-footprint compared to traditional detergents. While this primarily has to do with the use of streamlined, recyclable packaging instead of heavy plastic containers, it's also from the use of natural ingredients in place of harsh, synthetic chemicals.

By choosing eco-friendly alternatives like laundry detergent sheets, you can do your part in the fight against pollution while also enjoying all the quality of life improvements offered by a high-quality product.


We all want clean laundry. That being said, we shouldn't need to expose ourselves to carcinogens or harsh chemicals in order to feel clean. Fortunately, HeySunday™ detergent sheets use ingredients pulled from natural sources like tea oil, citric acid, or sunflower oil.

Even so, this focus on natural ingredients should never come at the cost of cleaning power. That's why we use seven powerful, plant-based surfactants to help remove stains, destroy lingering smells, and keep your laundry looking, smelling, and feeling as fresh as possible.

HeySunday™ FAQs

HeySunday’s Annual Eco-Warrior Scholarship

Scholarship Award: $1,000

About the Eco-Warrior Scholarship

The Eco-Warrior Scholarship is a recurring scholarship open to all students who seek to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. The next deadline to apply is December 1, and winners will be announced on December 31.

At HeySunday™, we encourage small actions with large impacts through our Eco-Warrior Scholarship. This $1,000 award supports a student committed to combatting climate change, either by daily eco-friendly choices or by pursuing environmental activism. We believe in the individual's power to effect change and aim to inspire others by recognizing students engaged in sustainability, honoring their work towards a greener future.

Scholarship Details

Amount: $1,000

Application deadline: December 1

Winner Announcement Date: December 31

Recurring: Annually

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this scholarship, please review the following eligibility criteria carefully. Ensure you meet these requirements prior to submitting your application.

Believes living a more sustainable lifestyle is important.

A high school senior, undergraduate student, or graduate student.

Applicant must be a current U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident.

How to Apply

You can apply for this scholarship on the Bold.org scholarship platform. Simply set up a free account and submit your application for the Eco-Warrior Scholarship, along with a short essay answering the following prompts:

  • 1 What intentional choices do you make to live sustainably in your daily life?
  • 2 Why do you think it’s important to reduce your carbon footprint?

A Trusted Choice Among Universities

Scholarship FAQs

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